RG 6/U-4 F – AP

TS EN 50117, TS 2637 IEC 60096-1, TS 5757 IEC 60096-3

RG 6/U-4 F - AP

It is used as connection cable in outdoor aeira line networks in the transmission of both digital and analog image signals CATV, CCTV MATV and CTV distribution, SATV systems wherre low attenuation is required and also security systems.
0. *PFPE : Gas injected (Physical) foamed polyethylene
1. Inner Conductor 1,02 mmØ Electrolytic annealed copper
2. Insulation Approx. 4,57 mmØ physical foamed polyethylene (Skin-Foam-Skin)
3. I. Screen %100 AL-PES tape shielded
4. II. Screen Tinned copper wire braid, approx. %55 coverage
5. Suspension wire 1×1,2 mmØ Galvanized steel wire
6. Outer Sheath 6,9×10,5 mm PE ( EN 50290-2 ), RAL 9005 Black
Technical Properties
Temperature Range -40 °C …. +70 °C
Operating Voltage Max. 1300 V
Test Voltage 3000 V
Min. Bending Radius 10xD (D:Cable Diameter)
 RG 6/U-4 F – AP