• Safe

    Since 1984, the classy cable-branded coaxial cables have been used safely in our country and in the world. It has a very important place in the sector. The control cables are one of our main product groups with PVC and halogen-free versions.

  • Quality

    Klas Kablo, which has been the symbol of quality in the Turkish cable industry for 30 years, has always been innovating and has acquired the mission to give its customers the quality in accordance with the world standards in western norms

  • Innovative

    With its dynamic structure that does not compromise quality, follows R & D and technological developments, it maintains its target-oriented works in the sector by preserving and enhancing the image of the well-known brand.

  • Wide range of products

    Special cable manufacturer ID of our company today's product diversity has reached numbers such as 16,000 and this figure is to continue to incre

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