We have been engaged in the cable industry since 1984 and always served as the mark of quality during this period,and recently Klas Kablo® stepped into great changes in 2009.

Klas Kablo®, which has been putting its signature under innovations in the industry for more than 25 years, aiming at conformity to global standards, adopting its mission as to provide its customers with quality at western norms and becoming the brand name of Turkish cable industry, will fulfill requirements of its leadership with its new structuring and new vision.

All the shares of Klas Kablo®, which closely follows up the progresses in the global cable industry and also a brand of quality well-established in international markets, have been purchased by a foreign-partnered company.

The good old Klas Kablo®, which has a powerful capital, does not delay dispatches, does not make concessions from its quality in accordance with its brand image and continuously seeks for innovations through its R&D department, has taken its place in the market once again in a more powerful position with its new structuring.